A survey horse racing fans want to take

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Morning works
Morning works at Saratoga Racecourse. Photo by Rhonda Lane

Want some input on how horse racing is conducted, regulated, and promoted?

Take the survey from ARCI, aka Racing Commissioners International.

RCI? ARCI? What’s that?

Racing Commissioners International is, as quoted from the website, “the only umbrella organization of the official governing rule making bodies for professional horse and greyhound racing in North America and parts of the Caribbean.”

Also from the website, this paragraph gives us a clue as to what the survey covers:

ARCI sets standards for racing regulation, medication policy, drug testing laboratories, totalizator systems, racetrack operation and security, as well as off-track wagering entities.   ARCI’s members are the only independent entities recognized to license, enforce, and adjudicate matters pertaining to racing.

Fan input welcome

We fans are welcome to participate because Thorofan, the horse racing fan organization, sent the link via its email and said fans were welcome to participate.

Plus, the survey is on the ARCI website’s home page, in the publicly accessible area.

I took my time with the survey yesterday so I could offer thoughtful responses, especially in the write-in portions.

Just so’s ya know

I don’t know how long the survey will be active, so taking it sooner is probably better.

So, perhaps you’d like to have a say, too. Here’s the link to the survey – again.


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