First impressions of The Equus Film Festival, NYC

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Superhero at Equus Film Festival
Sneak peek at Gotham’s newest superhero as Commissioner Gordon in a horse disguise looks on.

Okay. Maybe not.

No one believes Commissioner Gordon would dress up in a horse suit. That said, a horse suit could be the perfect disguise.

Also, said superhero’s mother, struggling to contain energetic children for a nice family snapshot posed with the police horse, may not appreciate me posting her son’s photo on a blog with a national – er, international – readership.

Except the photo is Just Too Cute.

Quick blips about the Equus Film Festival

NYPD mounted unit display at Equus Film Festival
Outside the Village East Cinema in Manhattan on the last day of the Equus Film Festival.

Anyway, the equine version of Officer Friendly from New York’s Finest seemed to enjoy visiting with children at the Equus Film Festival a Saturday morning in November 2015. Off. Friendly Horse always had his or her head out the window, ready to meet new people, especially children. “Community policing” at its finest.

Equus Film Festival Pop-up Gallery
Producers of the upcoming film “The Sunday Horse” talk about the film at the Equus Film Festival’s pop-up gallery down the street from the movie theater.

The police horse was part of the Saturday morning Li’l Herc’s children’s program. The film festival involved more than three days of activities for horse lovers of all ages, including a premiere party and an off-site pop-up gallery.

Festival films ran in three theaters in the Village East Cinema, an old-style, movie palace. Anything from documentaries, commercials, music videos, even PowerPoints created by children and saved to video, as long as it involved horses.

The Equus Film Festival, which in 2015 was in its second year, also showed signs of becoming a mini-Equine Affaire, which happened the previous weekend in West Springfield, Massachusetts, at The Big E fairgrounds. One theater held director’s panels followed by showings of the film in question. Above a Ukrainian restaurant down the street was a pop-up gallery.

My experience

By only attending on Saturday afternoon, I missed a lot. I mostly saw panels and the pop-up gallery, which included equine artists, crafts people, clinicians, horse welfare groups, and – for my own future reference – authors.

I mostly people-watched by listening to several of the Saturday panels. I’m still mentally processing what I saw and heard.

“Film festivals” sound oh-so Hollywood and airy-fairy, except the films often tackled tough political and societal issues, leading to spirited discussions on the panels.

At the festival, I kept a low profile and didn’t officially cover the festival. You’ll see a post sometime soon about the Hollywood horses panel, plus I’ll mention the festival from a different angle on my author blog. Of course, if I write something horsey on my author blog, I’ll link to it here.

For more information on the film festival: The Equus Film Festival website

And here’s a closer look at that floral horse titled “Fluer” by sculptor Shya Beth. Here’s Shya’s take on the Equine Film Festival along with more about “Fleur” and her other sculptures.

Floral horse at Equus Film Festival
A closer look at “Fluer” by Shya Beth in the pop-up gallery.


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