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MA Equine Affaire Breeds booths
Horses move in and out of the stalls at the breed display booths at the Massachusetts Equine Affaire.

Yes, we’re back. We moved from one web host to another. With any luck, you’ll never notice, except, of course, I blabbed.

A heartfelt “thank you” to Denise Alicea of Moons Stardust Designs who did a lot of the digital heavy lifting.

Anyway, I bet you’re wondering:

“What’s going on in the photo?”

Well, that’s a small portion of the Massachusetts Equine Affaire, the massive trade show every November at the Eastern States Exposition grounds. An entire state fair display building is allotted to the breeds associations for booths with examples of their fine horses.

In the photo above is a Shire on display and a Haflinger headed to work as a breed ambassador.

The EA staff has it down to a science. An advance team comes through yelling, “Horse coming through,” to clear the path.

2015 Equine Affaire breeds display exit
The horses have their own entrance and exit. A horse going off-shift, leaving the Stroh Building.

Another team precedes the procession with the horse being led by a handler to make sure attendees step aside.

Some horses unaccustomed to crowds find it unsettling. In all the years I’ve been attending at least one day of the expo, I’ve only had to plaster myself against the cinderblock walls once. One of the breed ambassadors – I wasn’t sure which – decided to spin its way to work.

I made a split second decision. Stay put and freeze? Or vault over a nearby table into a booth and risk scaring the horse more?

I opted for less fear. Deep breathing. Stillness. Faith. Prayer, too.

You’ll see more photos from Equine Affaire soon.


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