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The World's Cutest Brute Force Spammer
The Cutest Brute Force Attack/ Photo by Rhonda Lane

You may have noticed I haven’t been posting as often as I was. I’m so grateful to you all for reading and subscribing, so you should know a bit of what’s been going on. Several of my writer pals have stopped blogging. Perhaps you’ve wondered if I stopped, too?

No way.

Update on The Book

For the past several months, my plan was to finish the first book in my it’s-not-a-horse-mystery series, even though you guys know it is. I’ve been working on the novel for a long time. I’m in the final quarter of organizing the mess. So I thought laying off weekly posting to this blog would help.

Not so much. A few other interruptions along the way have slowed me down.

Online courses

I take a lot of online courses for writers. “Infusing Your Scenes with Action” taught by Lisa Kessler through the San Diego chapter of Romance Writers of America ferreted out some problems I had writing action sequences.

The problem was a switch in viewpoint. I was describing what you’d see if you were watching the story unfold as a movie. Sounds great, right? The story is told in first-person, aka the main character tells the story, like you see in those classic P.I. stories.

So, I wasn’t letting readers experience the action, just see it. See the difference? (Case in point. “See.” That’s how I think and speak. “I see what you mean,” not, “I feel ya dude.” There’s a difference.)


I spent a writer’s day at the New York city field office of the FBI, courtesy of the Thrillerfest organizers. I’ve also taken a couple of weekend trips to Saratoga with a third trip coming up soon. Photos and stories, also, are on the way.

The White Rabbit  that is Facebook

Isn’t Facebook great? People may move away, but they always check in again on Facebook.

I’m finally in contact with far-flung friends and family. I find up-to-date info on subjects I’m resarching. I’ve met new friends through shared interests. Besides, as a blogger and an aspiring author, I’m supposed to be building good habits there.

Yet, has this happened to you? Great! Updates from my pals. I’ll congratulate or commiserate. Then, Ooh – there’s something my friends will enjoy seeing. I’ll share it. Next, Uh oh, here’s an article I need to read.  By then, I’m swirling deep inside the vortex of the rabbit hole where time seems to stand still, except when I emerge, I realize how much time has passed. Alice goes in, Rip van Winkle comes out.

Life gets messy

We all have something or several somethings at once. One aspect I’m willing to mention here is making our geriatric cat Miss Kitty comfortable.

She’s 17. (Not the cat you see in the photo above.) Her graceful kitty walk became an armadillo’s trundle. Her eyes still sparkle and she loves the tuna where we hide her thyroid meds. She still enjoys her hobbies of  watching the backyard action from her heated bed in the bay window, cuddling and shaking us down for treats.

But she also made us figure out what she disliked about the litter box. After a while of lots of clean-up, paranoia, and let’s-try-this, we realized she’s too stiff to enter and exit the box comfortably, so we made some modifications, except they hampered the box’s ability to contain fluids.

Move laterally to new Square One. Fix that. Realize the next step or next problem is a moving target.

(Elder kitty tip:  Petco has some puppy potty training pads without puppy attractant, aka, unscented. They help contain near-misses with the litter box.)

Technical issues

We’re also having technical problems here at the blog. Embedding links here has become cumbersome and time consuming, plus, the way I have to embed them now doesn’t allow you to check out what’s linked in a different window.

So, why link? Links are like a shoutout to friends, plus Google’s arcane and convoluted logarithms are said to “like” linking. If folks are happy and Google’s happy, then momma’s happy.

Somehow, I managed to get that backwards … .

We’re under attack? Us??

Also, spammers have been hammering away at us , trying to force comments and even take over the blog. “Why” is beyond me. This is a niche blog, like a little neighborhood mom-and-pop coffee shop on a cul-de-sac. We don’t get a lot of drive-by traffic. You have to come here on purpose.

Still, spammers are hellbent on getting their ads into the comments. The plug-in I paid for and installed isn’t working. I need to address those technical problems soon, and I suspect they’re beyond my do-it-yourself skill level. I’ll have to hire someone.

Yet, we’re still here! 🙂

When I run across things I suspect you’d like to know, or things I’ve been wondering about which makes me wonder if you aren’t thinking about them, too … or things that just make me smile  — and they pertain to horses — I like to post them to this blog. (Is that too long for a blog tagline? 😉  )

I realize we all have RSS subscriptions that pop up with such regularity we just ignore them. I know that happens to me, especially with many regular weekly or daily blog posts I follow.

So, when a Horsey Set Net blog post comes up in your Inbox or RSS readers, I hope your first thought isn’t, “Gee, not another one!” but “Awesome! What does Rhonda have for me today.”

If you have any ideas for helping Miss Kitty, complaints about Facebook, or anything else you’d like to say or add,  feel free to write ’em in below in the comments section. 


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  • Kristan Higgins
    August 14, 2014

    I always wonder what Rhonda has for me today. And it’s always good!