“War Horse” PLAY coming to MOVIE theater near you

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The trailer for National Theatre Live’s presentation of “War Horse,” if you can’t see the above embedded video.

Here’s another opportunity to see the puppets and drama of a stage production of “War Horse,” shown as a film at your local movie theater. Maybe.


Except it won’t be at your neighborhood multiplex. More like a local theater used for artistic indie films or a multi-purpose auditorium/theater.

Check the National Theatre Live website for dates near you. Some venues will air an encore performance, others will only offer one.

I happen to know about this because I went to see the National Theater Live’s production of “Macbeth” starring Kenneth Branagh and Alex Kingston late in 2013. A trailer for an upcoming presentation of “War Horse” was part of the coming attractions.

Seeing a filmed play gives us viewpoints not previously possible, especially with multiple camera angles.

During “Macbeth,” the camera gave us close-ups to the actors and the fight scenes, plus an overhead view of Dunsinane Wood on the march.

Even though I enjoy attending live theater, often that’s not possible due to timing or location, let alone the price of tickets. Tickets for this, in my area of Connecticut, US, go for $20 each, but with special pricing for Seniors, Students and Friends (of the theater.)

Yes, of course, whether it’s on the page or the stage or the screen, “War Horse” is still a tear-jerker, but the play will allow you to admire the artistry behind the animal puppets – if you can manage to maintain enough emotional distance. (Yeah. Good luck with that. 😉 ) The teams of puppeteer actors make suspending disbelief all too easy, so the horses seem real even though, at first glance, they look more like wicker chairs.

To give you an idea of what’s coming, read my review of the Broadway production of “War Horse”

Again, click on the link to go the National Theatre’s website for “War Horse” to learn more.

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