Angus and Clydesdales and Shires – Oh My!

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Angus and Merida from BRAVE
Our old post about Angus brought us a great history lesson I had to share. Photo courtesy of Disney

We’re going for a ride in the Way Back Machine. In this case, we’ll go back to early 2012. Not very far. Just a little jaunt because a blog commenter gave me a great history lesson on an old post. I enjoyed reading the series of comments, and I think you’d like them, too. Most people don’t read blog comments, but I don’t want you to miss this.

The release of the animated movie BRAVE for home consumption revived interest in that blog post I wrote about Angus, the draft horse character. Before I write any more …

Again, my husband works for a division of Disney, the producer of the film. I really don’t care if you buy the DVD or watch it or not. There’s a horse in it. That’s why I’m writing about it. End of disclaimer.

Ever since the DVD came out, I’d noticed more activity on this post from Google searches. Recently, some interesting comments about the history of draft horses in northern England and Scotland came out of that post.

You should check out the comments. Click on the link to the post about Angus of BRAVE and then scroll down to read about the history of working horses in Britain, especially northern Britain, specifically Scotland.

Terry and his wife run Bonny Burn Farm way out west where they raise Clydesdales and Highland cattle, so he’s got some interesting stuff to tell us.


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