Frankelmania comes to 14-0 close on the Twitterverse

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The Household Cavalry takes morning exercise in replicas of the silks worn by jockey Tom Queally when he rides the mighty Frankel.

If you can’t see the above-embedded video from the Racing Post of the Household Cavalry paying tribute to Frankel, click on the link.

Yes, she was there, at Ascot to see the big race. I imagine wild horses couldn’t have kept HRH Elizabeth II, one of the world’s most famous “horse girls,” away from watching Frankel’s final race.

Just like many of us American race fans who were glued to Twitter or video from gambling sites or wherever we could find the race.

Frankel, considered by many race fans to be the best horse in the world, won his final race, the 2012 Qipco Champions Stakes at Ascot. He retired undefeated.

After Oct. 20, he stepped aside leaving a 14-0 record and us Yanks dreaming of a Breeder’s Cup Classic that will never be.

What follows is all the Tweets I either forwarded or made myself shortly before and after the race. If I forwarded a Tweet, it begins with RT or MT, the latter of which meaning I edited the Tweet for space.

To find people talking about Frankel on Twitter, I ran a search on the hashtag #Frankel. I also kept an eye on my regular Twitter stream which is full of race fans.

Let’s re-live the excitement of Frankel’s last race as seen on Twitter:

Pre-race fan excitement

RT @uk_maniax: RT @JaneChappleHyam: FRANKEL before the saddle goes on @frankel_horse

RT @sophie_regan95: RT @Racing_Post: #Frankel follows big brother Bullet Train around pre-parade ring. Looks relaxed

He’s ready. RT @dublinracingclu: RT @HonestFrank: This is Frankel at Ascot. Not a bother on him

RT @zarkle: @AlanSimpsonBBC If you’re out & about find a pub quickly and watch a superb athlete – Frankel. Hurry up. Off in 10min.

MT @taniakindersley: All my racing tweeters who are at Ascot for Frankel: give the champ a cheer fr me. I sit in Scotland, swamped w/nerves.

RT @trevorholland7: I don’t watch horse racing too much but the crowd’s to watch this horse ‘Frankel’ is packed #fullhouse #fb

Info apparently from promo materials for race coverage (An HRTV promo, to be precise)

No time 2 confirm, so going w/it RT @lukerichards11: Frankel runs at 43mph, twice of usain bolt and does 100m in 5.20, unbelievable #excited

Fran knows hooves

RT @hoofcarejournal: Frankel is shod by Steve Kielt of Newmarket…and has big (size 7) feet, perfect for soft turf!

Frankel envy?

RT @j_burco27: MT @WaldronWine: Wish we had a US runner who could get a full sports page. via @sosnicky.

Starts with Z and ends with “yatta”

Thought of a US comparison to #Frankel but I dare not speak her name … I see enough worry about him in the Tweets already.

Issues with live race coverage feed

Really?? RT @ejplantain: Ok really… The “ascot” feed at @TwinSpires has not shown one single glance of #frankel

No @HRTV audio for me #frankel #ascot. Am imagining I’m sitting in a sports bar with din around me.

Who won? 😉

RT @mark_stockwell: Frankel does it #legend

Man, he had me worried, but we all knew there was another gear. #frankel !!!

Thank you, @frankel_horse, for an exciting career. 14-0. May your ladies be fast and lovely.

I’m misty, too. RT @eventersmom: OMG Bawling eyes out… now for Frankel, truly exciting winner! 14 out of 14 races, unbelievable!!

RT @casadaly: RT @Bjangwin: Can animals be knighted? ‘Sir Frankel’ has a nice ring to it #Ascot #gottalovehim

Frankel had a rough start from the gate. I didn’t see that before. (Ed. note: The video at the included link has been removed from YouTube. I’ll include a link to race video at the end of the article.)

Racing celebs weigh in

RT @iamlavaman: Congratulations and a tip of the mane to retiring Champion Frankel. Well done mate!! #Frankel @JuddmonteFarms

MT @alexbrownracing: Relief: Frankel wins again 2 remain undefeated! Sounded like race did not go entirely to plan & he beat very good horse

Victory as sweet as carrots in sorghum and Guinness 

RT @bcseries: And parading to packed crowds in the paddock #Frankel #championstakes #championsday

RT @dejulio: #Frankel is absolutely amazing. Left at start? Great patient ride and just cruising up to leaders. Awesome performance

Check out all the smiles behind him. RT @mcyeeehaaa: Sir Henry Cecil with @frankel_horse saddle. Yeeehaaa!

They’ll argue about this in pubs for years

Ooooh …There’s a discussion! (Red Rum?) RT @brophychloe: Is Frankel better than Rummy?

Animal Kingdom’s trainer feels a shiver

RT @grahammotion: Shh! MT @DebonairHustler Why can’t they just bring (Frankel) to Breeders Cup & run against Animal Kingdom.Race of Century

Follow Tom and Frankel off the track

This didn’t come from Twitter, but I found this railbird video shot by MrBigSingle shortly after the race:

If you can’t see the video of Frankel and Tom railside just after the race, click on the link.
an-shot video on YouTube

An essay to give us perspective

Very nice tribute. RT @bloodhorse: Hangin’ With Haskin: Farewell, Frankel @BH_SHaskin

Video of Frankel’s final race

I can’t embed it, but that’s okay. Click the link to see Frankel’s final race.

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  • Susie Blackmon
    October 23, 2012

    This was great to read, Rhonda! I was on the road so had to follow the Twitter stream to ‘watch’ the race. Soooo exciting, that Frankel boy.

    I bet his dance card is full already!

  • Rhonda Lane
    October 23, 2012

    I imagine you’re right, Susie. 🙂 Don’t you wonder what his fee will be? Glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  • Ruth
    November 29, 2012

    Frankel is a legendary horse and it is such good news that he is still fit and will go to stud. His owner, jockey and racehorse trainer must be over the moon.

    • Rhonda Lane
      November 29, 2012

      Hi, Ruth – Glad you enjoyed the post. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. Just wanted our readers to know – in case they’re skimming instead of reading closely – that the link inside your comment is to Jonjo O’Neil Racing, not to Sir Henry Cecil, who was Frankel’s trainer. Still, I have to admit, I enjoyed the video tour on the website of the training facility, so thank you. 🙂

  • Ruth
    November 29, 2012

    Sorry for the confusion re: the link!!

    • Rhonda Lane
      November 29, 2012

      Hi, Ruth. No worries. 🙂 I enjoyed looking at your website. I’m grateful you stopped by.