Two kinds of horsepower

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Where do you suppose I found THIS?

Hood ornament on a classic Packard
Is it a Duck or a Swan? Packard fans will know./Photo by Rhonda Lane

I suppose you can probably take a look around this article on the web page and figure it out soon enough. Don’t worry. You’ll still see the usual kinds of horsepower here on The Horsey Set Net. Click through and check ’em out.

Saratoga Racecourse hosted two different kinds of horsepower on the day I toured the stables with Tod Marks.

Classic cars lined up under the big trees at the Saratoga Racecourse
Thoroughbred vehicles stand for inspection at the Saratoga Racecourse/Photo by Rhonda Lane

Horses have the right-of-way at Saratoga, when they’re passing through the crowd on the way to the saddling area at the racecourse and crossing Union Avenue to get to the track. They even have their own special roadway around the Oklahoma Training Track.

Sign saying "No Vehicles on Horse Path" with horses on the path and a car outside
“Cars keep out. Horses only.” Near the Oklahoma Training Track, where horses have the right of way. Photo by Rhonda Lane

Behind the little patch of barns across Union Avenue from the racecourse is a free parking area with periodic signs using the names of Triple Crown winners to denote sections in the parking lot.

If you’re attending the races, especially in the afternoon, you may not get to see the morning glories bloom. But you can here.

Morning glories bloom up the Citation section sign at the backstretch of Saratoga
Morning glories on the Citation section sign. /Photo by Rhonda Lane

Speaking of blue … can’t you just hear the blues? Or early Elvis?

Peek inside the turquoise and white classic Ford convertible
Yes, even the car manual, probably a first edition, is there/Photo by Rhonda Lane

We girls love our horses and our boys love their cars, but do their cars love them back? This horse sought comfort from its human friend as it hesitated before leaving behind the lush grass of the grassy round pen.

Woman and gray horse at Saratoga backstretch
This horse was on its way back to the stall when it hesitated. Something caught its attention? /Photo by Rhonda Lane

The Army may practice the tactical advantage of stealth but its recruiters know how to attract attention.

Packard at Saratoga Racecourse
Yes, I was afraid to breathe too close to this classic Packard/Photo by Rhonda Lane

Even though most of photographer’s group wanted to get closer to our subjects, our guides steered us as clear of the cars and horses.

Photo group edges along road by berry bushes at Saratoga Racecourse
Our group of photogs following Tod Marks had to watch for both car and horse traffic./Photo by Rhonda Lane


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