Seabiscuit Slept Here – More Saratoga Photos

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Seabiscuit is said to have slept here, steps away from the Oklahoma Training Track in what’s still the Phipps Stable barn./Photo by Rhonda Lane

A couple of readers asked for more photos from my adventure with the National Museum of Racing’s Photo Finish tour with Saratoga Special photographer Tod Marks.

As I write this, it’s the day after Saratoga has closed for the season for racing thoroughbreds. Even though New York racing action has moved to Belmont Park for autumn, the Saratoga facility is still open for training until about mid-October. Old Friends Cabin Creek, Bobby Frankel division, out in nearby Greenfield Center is open all year round, especially on Saturdays.

Let’s look at some more photos:

“Nyuh uh. I’m not going in there.” A race horse getting a refresher course in the concept that the starting gate is safe, aka “gate schooling.” Photo by Rhonda Lane.
“Ooh! Right there.” Note the stable hand approaching to help save horse hide and saddle leather as one of the ponies shows initiative and scratches an itch./Photo by Rhonda Lane.

Speaking of backstretch workers, it’s a hard knock life to live in service of the horse. Mary Lou Whitney cancelled her traditional annual Saratoga ball to give aid and entertainment to backstretch workers who make it all happen. They live in housing like this:

Take off your mucky sneaks before you go indoors. Housing for the backstratch workers, the folks who make it all happen and devote their lives to the horses.

The tour shows you sights/sites you won’t see without credentials, like this blacksmith memorial.

Nowadays, the farriers go to the horses in trucks. Back in the day, the horses were led to the blacksmith. This memorial to Saratoga blacksmiths is way back past the Oklahoma Track out where the smithy used to work./Photo by Rhonda Lane

You know what? I have more photos. Lots more. Let’s see more next time. What’s more, I haven’t even posted photos from my last trip to Old Friends Cabin Creek in November 2011, let alone from this past visit to Saratoga.

So stay tuned. Lots of fun stuff is coming your way.



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