LUCK can’t clear the bar set by WAR HORSE

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If you can’t see the video embedded above of Anjelica Huston talking to Rosie O’Donnell about LUCK, click here.

I wasn’t going to write about HBO’s LUCK again until after the first-season run ends on HBO.

I may still write more once it wraps up, so people who don’t have pay cable but use Netflix will have a better idea about the series. My original story approach was going to be “Is LUCK safe for horse lovers to watch?”

Then again, considering the latest news, I could be wasting my time.

In case you haven’t heard, HBO cancelled its horse-racing drama LUCK after the third death of a horse on set while shooting episodes for the second season.

Three equine deaths equal three strikes, guys, even if one death was a freak accident that happens occasionally in barns.

Even if all the fictional horses remain safe for the next two episodes, the show’s probably a non-starter for folks who love horses but aren’t fans of racing.

Still, I know race fans who don’t have access to HBO are still eager to see LUCK once it’s available, so you’ll see my final assessment of the show in a couple of weeks.

Even though “accidents happen” …

The thing is, we all know the movie business can make film sets safe for animals. WAR HORSE. SEABISCUIT, SECRETARIAT.  All recent movies, all used multiple horses, even more than a dozen horses to play one role. And all feature exciting  action sequences.

Although O’Donnell and Huston pose the question, the only CGI used in WAR HORSE was for some scenes with horses falling to their knees and when Joey jumps in the trench, according to the American Human Association’s review of the film, which includes descriptions of how sequences had been created.

Our culture reveres horses and works to protect animals, others do not. Huston as an international star has the clout to stay in her trailer and interrupt production, but many actors are replaceable.

Also, some people believe no animals should be working on a movie set, so should they protest like Huston if an animal actor is being used?

Interesting issues. I may even write about them later.

Perception becomes reality

Still, LUCK had other issues plaguing the series, including the show’s dismal ratings. I’ve heard but haven’t been able to confirm that HBO will air the completed second season episode after all.

LUCK had plenty of public relations problems despite the wattage and talents of its two stars Dustin Hoffman and Nick Nolte.

Granted, accidents happen. But three times, guys? And what kind of PR did you expect?

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Looks like some of my projections made after the first episode have come true. Others? Not so much.

Before the show aired, I asked if LUCK could get new fans to the track. The post above probably answers the question.