Twitter Round-up: August 2011

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Over on Twitter, I like to keep an eye out for interesting horse things that pop up into my status feed. I forward them, aka retweet or RT, to those who follow my Twitter feed.

You guys who only follow my blog miss all those goodies. But don’t worry – I intend to keep you better up-to-date.

I used to write a series of posts I called the Twitter Round-Up. I think it’s time we revived that tradition.

That said, here are some of my Tweets from August – with a little set-up for some.

Hurricane season tip

Tips for dealing with Hurricane Irene flew over Twitter in August, including tips for horse owners. I can’t take credit for the idea of suggesting the tip below, but I saw how well those things worked when I went to the endurance ride in Rhode Island. Actually, my source for the tip below is the lady offering me donuts in the video I included with the piece.

Take a tip from endurance riders and write ID info for your horse on its body with hard crayon livestock pen. Won’t wash off in rain. #irene

Arts and crafts

Need something to wear? Want to gamble on a new way to commune with your horse? An an indie author enjoys international attention.

 Yikes! RT @dappledgrey: FRE performance artist Marion Laval-Jeantet creates the first real “horse woman” via blog

Wow. Need costumes for a production of “Equus?” RT @trotontv: London based fashion designer and saddle maker combines the two.

You KNOW you want one. 🙂 🙂 RT @besthorsegifts: Back to School With Pink Pony Lunch Boxes!

Did you love “The Horse Boy” book and or movie? Check out this new site: Horse Boy World (thanks @pollson)

BIG Congrats to @SasscerHill for her #horseracing@mystery FULL MORTALITY being named Kindle Book of The Day!

Horse racing

Always good for news and updates is The Sport of Kings. And this summer we could watch some of the races from Saratoga on TV.

RT @ntra: The news is good and the view is fantastic when racing is on national television:

Like Summer in Saratoga on NBC? Wait til you see Autumn at Keeneland in Oct on NBC/VS. (waitaminute – I’ll be homesick!)

On Travers Stakes Day, the name on everyone’s lips – at least, at their fingertips on Twitter – was Uncle Mo. Caleb’s Posse may have squeaked past him to cross under the wire first, but Uncle Mo was “trending,” among the top ten most talked about topics on Twitter that afternoon.

LOL! RT @ntra: Excellent! Let’s keep him trending! RT @NatashaFL#UncleMo LOVE IT. #UncleMo#UncleMo#UncleMo#UncleMo#UncleMo#UncleMo

RT @franjurga: Travers: Shackleford sticks with glue-on shoes for summer’s bigger horse race! Hoof Blog analysis!

Then, Mo’s stablemate – what’s his name anyway? – won the Travers.

Not #UncleMo’s “second banana” anymore. Stay Thirsty wins Travers Stakes. (G1) win. VIDEO via @ttimes:

Not to be omitted is the humanity of racing’s elite. They don’t get enough credit for their compassionate choices.

Thank you for taking care of him, Emma-Jayne. RT @bloodhorse: Grade I Winner Rahy’s Attorney Retired

The link tells you a lot about the Firestones and their horses, at least, a lot “that counts.” So did the walk from the finish line to the winner’s circle when Diana Firestone herself led Winchester to the Saratoga winner’s circle, which we saw on national TV.

Congratulations to Firestones for Winchester’s win in Sword Dancer. Sweet to see cuz they gave Genuine Risk a good life.

Go for Gin, ’94 Kentucky Derby winner, retires to KY Horse Park Hall of Champions w/ ’04 Derby winner Funny Cide, Cigar and Da Hoss.

A fact that always blows me away

After all, answering the question of “whose horse is the fastest” has universal appeal. Plus, it’s a big ol’ planet. If you’re sweating, someone elsewhere is freezing cold.

Like Jan. 1 in northern hemisphere. RT @dearfilly: August 1st is considered the official birthday of all horses in Australia. #horseracing

A promotional stunt at the Del Mar racetrack

How did I not hear about this? Battle of the Exes match race at Del Mar between @jockeychantal and Mike Smith?


The Kentucky State Fair Horse Show is part of the American Saddlebred Triple Crown.

If I didn’t like U, I’d B wildly jealous. Njoy! RT @michael_sargent: Just got my wristband for rail side coverage of the WCHS in Louisville.

That way, you know someone there really loves you

Tennessee Walking Horse attends his owner’s funeral. (yes, reporter confuses TWHs and ASBs) #walkinghorses #fieldtrials

So true (or is it $o True?)

 =:-D $o very funny. RT @franjurga: “The horse has no idea how much he cost.” –Klaus Balkenhol

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