Our first anniversary here!

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Such a friendly fellow deserves to be seen again/Photo by Rhonda Lane
Such a friendly fellow deserves to be seen again/Photo by Rhonda Lane

This week will mark the first year of The Horsey Set Net’s existence. Yay for us!

Check out the very first post on The Horsey Set Net. Kinda short, huh? Plus, I didn’t know how to link to other pages then.

I realize that a year is both a long time and not very much time for a blog to be online. Some blogs appear and disappear fast. Others stick around for a few years.

But this one will be sticking around. As a matter of fact, all sorts of things are in the works.

The book

I dialed back on my posting frequency this summer so I could add pages to the novel I’m writing. Yes, it features horses, but I was advised by New York publishing pros that it shouldn’t be “a horse mystery” because that narrows the appeal.

Maybe in some circles. 🙂 But I won’t argue with them. So, “it’s not a horse mystery.”

Anyway, the book is going gangbusters this summer. One of my writers groups is running a Book in Seven Weeks program during the summer.

As of this writing, I’ve banged out 54 pages of first draft since 7/04.  I’m deep into the second half of the book. Of course, I’ll still have revisions to do. So, it won’t be done for quite a while yet.


I recently bought a Flip Mino HD camcorder, after reading dappledgrey’s review. It’s the size of a couple of Cracker Barrel Cheese Sticks laid side-by-side.

Since it arrived, I’ve been playing with it and videoing the cats who are captive models. I also took it to the pony barn, too, so (note to self) I need to edit the video from that.

I wish I’d had the camera in Virginia. Maybe next time?

However, this week, I ended up with a deadline for a video that’ s way outside my comfort zone.

Maria Andros Social Media Traffic Blueprint Contest

Many of you know about my fascination with social media, like Facebook and Twitter.

Social media expert Maria Andros offers a program training people how to utilize those social media sites and to use video to get messages and stories out.

Anyway, Maria recently announced a contest. Two winners will get what amounts to a scholarship into her social media traffic program. An application involves making a video of one’s self. Big gulp.

Earlier this year, I didn’t have a camera, which made me feel a little less like a chicken when I decided not to enter when she last ran her contest.

But, late last week, I thought, I’ll have to start sometime. Besides, I can learn to edit and tell a story with the video. (FWIW, I’ll review the camera in a later post.)

So, a few days ago, I gathered my nerve, pointed the camera back at myself — and let ‘er rip.

Years ago, I took film and TV production classes in college and have worked in television production as a studio tech. I’ve avoided being in front of the camera at all costs, except when college professors insisted that we do it for a grade. Yikes!

I shot my footage around the house. There’s not much about horses in it, unfortunately. The video is was supposed to be about me answering three questions, which I’ve loosely paraphrased:

  • What are the constraints keeping me from reaching my goals
  • What are my dreams for material things
  • How do I want to pay forward the knowledge I’d learn in the course

We enter the contest by commenting on Maria’s post. As I was reading the entries of the other contestants, I was struck by how much I want them to do well. I feel as if they’re my classmates, that we share some kind of bond. That we’re all in the same boat together somehow.

Granted, some were experienced veterans of YouTube. And others were people were like me, appearing on camera for the very first time.

I have to say that making the video and watching it afterward told me a lot about myself. If you’re kind and patient enough to sit through the six minute video, you’ll hear some of the observations I made about myself in the process. Making the video was both humbling yet empowering because making more will be easier.

Plus, my camera is small enough to go with me where the horses are, so I can make videos of them for you. That little Flip tucks right into my purse.

Anyway, here is my entry, as The Horsey Set Net begins its second year with the marvels — and excitement, in a manner of speaking — of own video productions. Enjoy (I hope):

You know how I usually include a text link to the embedded video? Well, I can’t get it to work. If you want to watch this one, you’ll have to get on YouTube and do a search for “Rhonda Lane and Maria Andros.” It’ll come up.

What did I say earlier about not knowing how to make links when this blog first started? Well, you’ve heard that saying, the more things change, the more they stay the same. This is another example. 🙂

What do you think?

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  • Jo
    August 7, 2009

    Way to go, Rhonda! This was a great video and I could really relate to so much that you said. You’re so REAL and I admire you. I’m in the same boat on a lot of counts. As a Blog Mastermind member, I have some idea of how much work you’ve put into this blog. After three months of trying to work with my three tiny sites that had been hacked, I finally took them down to rest and regroup. I keep checking in with your blog and reading the great posts.I love the way you write. Most people would just say they’re outside their comfort zone . . . you’re TWENTY MILES outside your comfort zone! I’m so proud of you – still zooming along and making so much head-way. You are already “paying it forward” with all the great info and the encouragement that you give people. Thank you. You restore my faith in people.

  • rhond7
    August 10, 2009

    Thank you, Jo. Can you believe we’ve been in Blog Mastermind for a year now? I’m sorry your blogs have been through the mill. This one, behind the scenes, has had its problems, too, thanks to some similiar nasty bots. And I’m glad to hear that you may be only be on hiatus, but you’re not giving up. Thank you for visiting and keeping in touch.