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Balloon horse/Photo by Aradan/iStockphoto
Balloon horse/Photo by Aradan/iStockphoto

Believe it or not, The Horsey Set Net has been horsing around on the Net for six months now. Happy Six Monthiversary to us!

So many people have helped me get The Horsey Set into the race, like you readers. (Thank you!) And Yaro and Gideon.

The phrase “it takes a village to (fill in the blank)” is almost a modern cliche. And these guys are two of my village’s leading citizens.

Anyway, Yaro Starak and Gideon Shalwick have this cool free video tutorial series called “Become a Blogger.”

If you’ve always wanted to set up a website but had no clue how to start, here’s a step-by-step process to get you up and running.

That’ll getcha going. And it’s free. And, frankly, that’s all you really need for quite a while. Because now you have to put content up there.  And update it. 🙂

Why use a blog platform to build a website?

Last year, I built my author’s website with a template. I call it my “I’m Legit” website. A friend helped me load up my information into the template. I love the design.

But, if you’ll notice, there’s no mention anywhere on that site of The Horsey Set Net.

That’s because I’m too intimidated by the process to update my own author’s website. And I can’t figure out how to add other material because I don’t see the template as being as flexible as I need it to be now.

So, I haven’t changed anything on it since late April when our family friend Eric was kind enough to help me set it up.

But, if I had it to do over again, I’d use the free software from WordPress.org and pick one of the thousands of “themes,” or layouts , available for WordPress.

And I’d use the free, basic Become a Blogger videos to take me through the process. (And don’t forget to download your free copy of their Roadmap, which is on the same page.)

Going to the next level ends soon

Still, just so you know, their “Become a Blogger Premium” comes in and takes it all to the next level.

BaB+ helps you build traffic by showing you plug-ins, or little pre-packaged programs, to install into your site’s structure.

I’m bringing this up now because Gideon and Yaro are closing the paid program to new members this coming Friday.

That kind of deadline always bugs me. “Act Now!!” sounds like evil copywriter tricks. Like the fabled “Disney vault.” C’mon – do they really jerk those DVDs off the racks and send them back to a warehouse room below Cinderella’s castle?? I can’t imagine the shipping costs alone.

But the guys like to give their students personalized attention — in the comment section after the lessons, on the special forum where you get to ask more questions and free teleconferences.

What do I really think?

Obviously, The Horsey Set Net is one of their affiliates and that helps keep the lights on here.

But I’m also one of their students. This blog wouldn’t exist without their lessons.  They’ve made a daunting process easy. They’ve even helped me get on Twitter (look over to the right.)

So far, there are about 850 students in BaB+. They give us lots of attention because they believe in over-delivering, which Yaro calls “the giving mindset.”

Granted, if you’re wanting to get put up a website — and that includes blogging — there’s plenty of material to work with with those free videos. Like their Roadmap, too.

However, if you get through those in a few days and are looking for more, especially about how to attract readers to your blog by leaving breadcrumbs to Google and other search engines, jump in under that Friday, 2/6 deadline.

Like Cinderella’s party duds and fine ride, the offer expires at midnight (US EST).

What do you think?

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  • Natasha
    February 9, 2009

    Wahoo! That’s great! Amazing how time flys!

  • rhond7
    February 9, 2009

    Thanks, Natasha! With any luck, it’ll be summer soon, too. Thanks for stopping by.