Obama Inauguration Parade Equestrian Units

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Dec. 2008/Reviewing stand construction/Photo by Rhonda Lane
Dec. 2008/Reviewing stand construction/Photo by Rhonda Lane

In case you haven’t heard, the US has a new President taking office on January 20.

Barack Obama will take the reins (bad pun), saddle up (arrgh — worse pun) as the 44th President of the United States.

After the swearing in on the steps of the US Capitol, he’ll basically lead a parade down Pennsylvania Avenue to his new home for four or eight years.

Then, he and his family will take a seat in those bleachers that you see under construction in the photo from December to watch the parade in his honor.

Several of those units marching in the parade include horses. Let’s check out the groups who are, so far, slated to march in the inaugural parade.

The equestrian units marching, as of this writing

The Commanding General’s Mounted Color Guard hails from Fort Riley, Kansas. Click on this news video showing the troops with their horses.

Crow Nation Mounted Horse Unit from Montana consists of a dozen paint horses walking single file. Obama visited the Crow Nation in May during the campaign.

Culver Academy Black Horse Troop is from Indiana. Don’t forget to click on the link on that page to watch the news video.

Michigan Multi-jurisdictional Mounted Police Drill Team and Color Guard reportedly will bring 22 horses.

A team from Tempel Lipizzans from Illinois has appeared in five Presidential inaugurations.

U.S. Border Patrol  Noble Mustangs  Mounted Unit patrols the Canadian border.

All the others, as of this writing

Here’s a listing of all of the units marching in the Inaugural Parade.

Watching it on TV

A Presidential Inauguration is to  C-SPAN as the Kentucky Derby Day is to Louisville, Kentucky. C-SPAN coverage begins early at 6 am EST. The BBC coverage will begin at 11 am EST. Other networks will carry inauguration coverage, of course, so potential viewers should check their local listings.

Photo by Rhonda Lane/In front of the White House/Dec. 2008
Photo by Rhonda Lane/In front of the White House/Dec. 2008

Watching C-SPAN might be even better than being there at the new President’s elbow — if for no other reason than it’s usually bitterly cold in Washington on Inauguration Day. Damp cold.

So, unlike Michelle Obama — who will be at his elbow — we’re liable to get to see all sorts of back-stage action on C-SPAN.

I imagine that what video we see of the main activities — anything with Obama and Bush, at the Capitol and of the parade — will be “pool feed.” In other words, everyone uses the same video so that camera crews from every network don’t stumble over each other.

So, when does the parade start?

About 2 pm. But I would guess a bit later. Obama takes the oath of office at noon, gives a speech and then they have a luncheon. Hence the phrase “times are approximate.”

After the luncheon in the Statuary Hall of the U.S. Capitol, the First Family heads back to their new home, which is about a mile up Pennsylvania Avenue.  The parade doesn’t start until they’re settled in the reviewing stand.

So, yes, times are approximate. Check your local listings for channels.

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