Mouse, the injured inaugural parade horse

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US Capitol Dome/lillisphotography/iStockphoto
US Capitol Dome/lillisphotography/iStockphoto

Be sure to scroll down to read the comment section after the post. We have an update/clarification that came in two years after this post initially ran.

Maybe you’ve heard … the Presidential Inaugural Parade was delayed because of a Mouse.

Mouse is an Appaloosa who spooked before the parade, backed up and caught his hoof in the grill of a truck.

People took care of him, and he’s fine. But apparently that’s not the end of the story.

Click on Mouse’s story from the folks who helped him out, the Days End Farm Horse Rescue. Be sure to read the whole story here, including his owner’s comments at the end.

Because, if your only source for this story is major media, then you may have been given erroneous information.

Full of Sound and Fury

Check out this story in the Los Angeles Times blog and note the errors.

If you’ve read the account from Days End Farm, you know that Mouse was not hit by a truck. He backed into a parked truck.

His situation was not dire, although it could have gone badly. However, he received prompt attention, and the accounts say that he was a good, calm boy.

And — did I mention this? — he’s doing fine.

Granted, the photos of him down on the street with his hind hoof stuck in a truck grille make one gasp.

So, maybe that explains some of the over-reaction?

Because when you read that L.A. Times blog post and the following comments, you’ll see how special interest groups seem more interested in using the incident to advance their agenda.

However, if you’ve got a little cash lying around and have an itch to donate to a worthy group, check out Days End Farm. Their equine ambulance waits on stand-by for inaugural parades, among other things.

Mouse is a member of a unit from the Southern Ohio Ladies Aside, a side-saddle riding club. SOLA is an experienced parade riding group, as evidenced by their appearance calendar on this link.

A little perspective, please

Besides, what if a child in a school marching band had fallen along the route? It could happen. Even when there is no delay, marchers must wait for a long time before stepping off.

I know because I spent three years in a high school marching band. We marched in the 1972 Kentucky Gubernatorial inauguration parade. I think our route was said to be six miles long.

I remember having to wear thin white gloves with the fingertips cut so I could grip and play my instrument. In January. In Kentucky. Every bit as cold as Washington, DC, in mid-January.

Generally, if you’re marching in a parade, you find that the weather can be extremely hot or extremely cold. You still have to wear your band’s uniform, which isn’t usually optimum protective attire for weather conditions.

After waiting for hours, once you step off, you feel a bit warmer, except for that exposed skin. You still have to play your musical instrument, too. And make sure you remain in formation.

And it’s been a long time since breakfast.

Someday, some kid is gonna keel over and conk his or her head on the pavement. I would be surprised if it hasn’t happened already.

Would people then call for an end to children marching in parades?

What do you think?

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  • Maggie Herlensky
    May 10, 2011

    Mouse was not the cause of the delay. The parade organizers would have happily continued on without us. The delay was in part due to Senator Kennedy’s illness during the luncheon. And despite what all of the newspapers said, Mouse’s injuries turned out to be minor. He was back in his own pasture before we were off of the parade route.

    Maggie Herlensky
    Southern Ohio Ladies Aside

    • Rhonda Lane
      May 10, 2011

      Thank you so much for giving us the inside story on Mouse, Maggie. Holding the parade because of Sen. Kennedy’s illness makes a lot more sense. Thank you so much for stopping by.

  • deborah meile
    March 20, 2014

    I guess you have to search for the truth and not just trust one source. I already do that. GLAD THE HORSE was ok. I don’t know why it is still brought up in 2014!

    • Rhonda Lane
      March 21, 2014

      I’m surprised it came up after this long, too, Deborah. Maybe it sorta burbled up during a web search? I wrote that post more than five years ago. 🙂 Still, that story’s a prime example of how media – including and especially internet sources – can perpetuate misinformation, even with the best of intentions and even without an agenda. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.