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Ringside at the Derby Classic/Photo by Rhonda Lane
Ringside at the Derby Classic/Photo by Rhonda Lane

My guest post at Equestrian Ink is up. Feel free to visit and check it out.

The talented authors there generously gave me a guest post slot, thanks to my other job as an aspiring mystery writer.

That I’ve been working on the novel for a long time is true. Writing fiction is a lot harder than it looks.

First of all, you just can’t “make stuff up.” The story has to make sense. Besides needing to keep the characters’ names straight, stories have certain points that have to be met. Readers, like movie goers, have certain expectations for certain kinds of stories, even at certain points in the story.

Plus, the beginning of a story is crucial for a debut writer. I’ve used the horse show analogy before. You want to enter that show ring looking your best and at the top of your game with your best effort. First impressions really do count.

And the ending must be satisfying. It must not come out of the blue, although a twist is exciting. But the twist has to have that “I shoulda seen it coming” feel.

As we know from watching movies, if a book doesn’t have a satisfying ending, it’s pretty much all for naught.

And then there’s the biz

Apparently, if a book is a horse mystery, it’s at a disadvantage already. The publishing professionals that I’ve discussed it with seem to  yawn, remark, “Funny, you don’t look like Dick Francis” and then say that they’re not optimistic that such a book would have wide appeal.

The authors blogging at Equestrian Ink are the first to agree that, yup, it’s hard out there for a horse book.

Okay. Back to the drawing board. Let’s broaden the story’s appeal, yet keep it close to the story I wanted to tell.

As big a pain as all the changes are, I can see the story deepening. I like to think it’s getting more exciting.

I just hope I live long enough to get the thing finished. 😉

Anyway, please do drop by Equestrian Ink. Feel free to look around. You might find your next good book to read.

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