Where and When to watch the 2020 Kentucky Derby on Labor Day Saturday

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A Labor Day Kentucky Derby! Who’d’ve thunk it!

Every year here, I post when and where to watch. If you’re a regular reader, despite my irregularity of posting, you probably have a good idea of when to tune in to the action. Then again, that’s a little different, too.

“Behind the Scenes” on Social Media

May 2, 2020, and A Kentucky Derby Week Like No Other

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Even though I’m glad 130,000 people won’t be standing shoulder-to-shoulder at Churchill this year while a silent-but-deadly virus runs loose,  many of us still consider the First Saturday in May a beloved holiday tradition

This year, Churchill and NBC are planning special coverage for Kentucky Derby Day, considering postponed Big Race itself has been postponed to early fall.

Live racing will be represented by the Arkansas Derby, postponed from early spring and still considered a Derby prep race this year. .

Yet we have old genetic memories of celebrating the arrival of spring, after all.

Churchill and NBC are calling the Saturday afternoon coverage the “Kentucky Derby Party at Home.”  There will be a mix of social media video and regular TV coverage.

Instead of the Derby day race undercard, which I will miss, there’ll be social media coverage including how to make various child-friendly Derby-related objects, like a fascinator. The Party at Home page linked above shows which channels and times.

I know. Most readers of this blog are like me. If there’s no horse, then, “What else ya got?”

Classic and a New Twist on Racing

Helmet? Check! Boots? Check! Face Mask?

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When boarding planes for my last couple or three flights, especially in the last couple of years, I’d spot a passenger or two wearing a surgical mask.

I used to think it odd, but understandable.  Commercial flights, like elementary schools or Florida beaches in March, might as well be petri dishes.

Years ago, I was subjected to/healed by immunosuppressant drugs. My year and a half of “chemo lite” taught me:

  • To open doors with a shirt tail over my hand.
  • To go straight to the bathroom from my car to wash my hands.
  • To avoid crowds in the big shopping seasons, like Black Friday, December, and Saturdays. 
  • To dodge my friends with grandchildren if they mentioned they were catching or getting over a cold.
  • To take my own reading material to a doctor’s waiting room. Except for the dentist. He has The BEST magazines, and people aren’t usually sick when they go to the dentist. But it has to be a REALLY intriguing travel or lifestyle magazine. Not one of the usual suspects.

Yet, I always went to the barn, where I’m older than most of my fellow students’ parents. Besides, fresh air at the barn dilutes all the cooties. The concentrated air of a restaurant table? Not so much. 

Likewise, horse shows and Saratoga racing were always exempt from my No Crowds Rule.

Except now, I’m thinking they won’t be.