OT: An Anniversary and an opportunity

[caption id="attachment_2083" align="aligncenter" width="350" caption="Balloon horse/Photo by Aradan/iStockphoto"] Believe it or not, The Horsey Set Net has been horsing around on the Net for six months now. Happy Six Monthiversary to us! So many people have helped me get The Horsey Set into the race, like you readers. (Thank you!) And Yaro and Gideon. (more…)

Oops – Technical Difficulties

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[caption id="attachment_1347" align="alignleft" width="250" caption="Photo by byllwill/iStockphoto"] I have no idea how the horse got into this predicament. But I know how he feels. My apologies to anyone who tried to click on this site on Thursday. I only knew that I couldn't access it anymore. And you couldn't either. Joel, who bails me out of the technical ...