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Memories of an Olympics Trial Judge: Cross Country Show Jumping

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London’s Greenwich Park has to host all the equestrian events and the pentathalon, make the switch between the two types of events AND remain relatively unscathed considering all the action, equipment, horses and crowds. Here’s a video about how the big switcheroos will happen and how they were rehearsed at the Olympic trials last year.

KB Inglee, our intrepid reporter and Olympics trial volunteer may not have had as much to do for show jumping, but she still has some interesting things to say.

For our final installment in our Olympics Trial Judge for Eventing series, take it away, KB.

Memories of an Olympics Trial Judge: Eventing Cross Country

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If you can’t see the above embedded video from last year’s three-day event at Greenwich Park, the venue for equestrian sports, click here.

Cross country looks like a point-to-point scramble in which horse and rider are expected to leave the scenery intact, but there’s more to it.

Historian and author KB Inglee, our guide behind the scenes of three-day eventing, served as a fence judge when she volunteered to work on the Olympics trials for eventing back in the day. Let’s see what she has to say:

Spectator Training: Equestrian Events at the 2012 London Olympics

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Pippa Funnel (GBR) riding Billy Shannon at fence 5 on the Cross Country course at the Greenwich Park Olympic test event with Canary Wharf in the distance. Photo by Bob Martin and courtesy of London 2012.

Way back, eight years ago, the first blog I ever followed was Jim Wofford’s blog about his experiences coaching the Canadian Equestrian Team at the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

Before that, I hadn’t seen the possibilities of blogging, only misconceptions.  His description of Anky van Grunsven’s graceful ride in streaming sunlight as well as his humorous descriptions of actions among the other Olympic equestrians clued me in on a new way of reporting.

Watching the Olympics often inspires us with aHA! moments that fill us with the warmth of the global community and remind us that anything is possible.

Before you sit down to watch all the Olympic equestrian action on one of the yet-to-be-specified NBC networks, you might want to get a little advance information from these online sources. Also, if you keep reading, there’s a fun treat at the end.