Our first anniversary here!

[caption id="attachment_3786" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Such a friendly fellow deserves to be seen again/Photo by Rhonda Lane"] This week will mark the first year of The Horsey Set Net's existence. Yay for us! Check out the very first post on The Horsey Set Net. Kinda short, huh? Plus, I didn't know how to link to other pages then. I ...

OT: An Anniversary and an opportunity

[caption id="attachment_2083" align="aligncenter" width="350" caption="Balloon horse/Photo by Aradan/iStockphoto"] Believe it or not, The Horsey Set Net has been horsing around on the Net for six months now. Happy Six Monthiversary to us! So many people have helped me get The Horsey Set into the race, like you readers. (Thank you!) And Yaro and Gideon. (more…)