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Twitter Round-up: August 2011

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Over on Twitter, I like to keep an eye out for interesting horse things that pop up into my status feed. I forward them, aka retweet or RT, to those who follow my Twitter feed.

You guys who only follow my blog miss all those goodies. But don’t worry – I intend to keep you better up-to-date.

I used to write a series of posts I called the Twitter Round-Up. I think it’s time we revived that tradition.

That said, here are some of my Tweets from August – with a little set-up for some.

Hunt Country Stable Tour, Day Two, Part 1

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Looking down at the pond and the stable at Trappe Hill Farm/Photo by Rhonda Lane
Looking down at the pond and the stable at Trappe Hill Farm/Photo by Rhonda Lane

Part 3 of the Virginia Hunt Country Stable Tour series

On the second day of our Virginia Hunt Country Stable Tour, we rolled out of our Chantilly hotel and drove west on US 50 with the knowledge that we were racing stormy weather.

And we had a big plans, too – a farm with endurance Arabians, the former home of a late Kentucky Derby winner, a stable of English shires and an afternoon capped by polo.

But would we beat the impending storms that loomed over us like the overcast sky and muggy air?

Celebrating the Life of the Genuine Risk

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Original drawing by G.W. Hughey@2008 gwh/art

A feminist icon from 1980 passed away quietly a few weeks ago at the truly ripe old age of 31.

Genuine Risk caused a sensation when she beat the boys at the 1980 Kentucky Derby. She almost won The Preakness, except for a controversy with the winner Codex. And she finished, again, in the money in The Belmont.

Her history is detailed in a free download collection, offered by The Bloodhorse. (To find the download, click the above link, scroll down and look in the right hand column.)

She still holds the record as the only filly to have placed in the money in all three Triple Crown races.

However, she was unable to pass along those fast, fiery genes. A mating with her “dream date” 1973 Triple Crown winner Secretariat produced a still-born foal. She didn’t carry a foal to full term until she was 16. And she only foaled another one. Neither foal of hers ever raced.

But leave it to this pioneer to re-define success. She spent her retirement career as grand dame of Newstead Farm near Upperville, VA, and transitional baby-sitter. She calmed fillies fresh from the racetrack and readied them for the slower-paced life in the pastures.

She spent her long years of retirement there, except for various visits to stallions, in love and comfort with the owners Bert and Diana Firestone, who had followed her into the winner’s circle all those years before.

We should all have such comfortable golden years.