Tom Hammond’s “My Kentucky Home”

Odds are, you missed a wonderful bit of Kentucky Derby TV coverage as well as a Valentine to Kentucky: Tom Hammond’s short film titled “My Kentucky Home.”

NBC ran the video on NBCSN, at various times and during the pre-Derby races.

A Kentucky native with both horse sense and an equine studies degree, Hammond is reducing his work schedule at NBC. Mike Tirico stepped into the metaphorical irons at the helm of the Derby broadcast.

I understand both why Hammond stepped away from Kentucky Derby coverage and how it could be an emotional decision.

Covering the Kentucky Derby live is two long consecutive days preceded by weeks of preparation. Even if you love it, and horse racing is in your blood, the Kentucky Derby is a demanding mistress bordering on obsession.

I’ve often said on this blog that “loving horses is not for the faint-of-heart.” The same goes for the Kentucky Derby.

We “horse Kentuckians” no matter where we live — BTW, there are “horse Kentuckians” and those who aren’t, bless their hearts — would find breaking up hard to do, too.

Grab tissues before you click the link, though. It’s a half-hour short film.

And welcome to the Grand Obsession, Mike. You’re in good company.



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