Dear Horse Country

Dear Horse Country and other horse farms public relations folks. I have a suggestion for you.

Have you seen this video of Ben Sollee singing “My Old Kentucky Home” in the Woodford Reserve warehouse?

Do THAT at a horse farm.

You can shoot it on a cellphone, like this viral video of the New Hot 5 Band playing “When the Saints Go Marching In” for French dairy cattle.

The cows are curious, even digging it, and people LOVE to watch it. Did you see all the hits on the counter? Millions.

Granted, some horses have distinctive musical tastes that may range across the three Bs: Beethoven, Blake Shelton and Beyonce.

I suggest something soft and cheerful. Nothing with wild dance moves. A song that makes people smile. Horses pick up on the “happy.”

I also suggest you play for the mares in-waiting. They often look a little bored and seem to be eager for non-threatening novelty.

The yearlings make their own entertainment.

The stallions have plenty of diversions. Many welcome visitors from Horse Country tours. Mostly, a thoroughbred stallion’s job is this:

ContinentalWalkenAlthough I am curious if American Pharoah has a favorite style of music. And what does Tapit like to hear? The grooms will know.

However, if you can charm the weanlings in the fall, you’ll have YouTube gold. The recipe for Internet alchemy is three words long:

  • Baby
  • Animals
  • Video

Can’t afford Ben Sollee and his cello, or you’d rather not copy off Woodford Reserve?

Someone associated with the farm probably plays music and is pretty good at it. Maybe they need a sample video? Maybe they’d like to be part of a viral sensation?

Your friend,

Rhonda Lane


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