The 2015 Travers Stakes on TV: aka #Pharoahtoga

Video from NYRA covering the arrival of Pharoah in Saratoga.

#Pharoahtoga is the hashtag created by Justin Zayat, manager of Zayat Racing when The Decision was made.

This Saturday, Aug. 29, Triple Crown winner American Pharoah will line up in the Saratoga starting gate to take a run at the Travers Stakes. Pharoah has the number two slot in the gate.

Of course, he’s not the only horse in the race, as you can see if you click on NYRA link and scroll down to the Travers field.

Those of us who prefer the big(ger) screen can can watch on NBC, our regular NBC from 4 to 6 pm EDT. As always, check your local listings. Your mileage may vary.

Also, I’m sure the race will be available on your favorite racing app, including NBC Sports Live Extra.

Come home safe, big guy.


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