At 25-0, Black Caviar heads for the mommy track

If you can’t see the video from RacingVictoria of Black Caviar’s retirement announcement, click on the link.

Her groom is wearing sunglasses on an overcast day.  I imagine I’d feel a bit weepy, too. Nelly, what her groom probably calls Australia’s Zenyatta, is moving on to a breeding farm.

Australian supermare Black Caviar, often said to be the best sprinter in the world, took a final bow after her 25th win. One of those wins was at Royal Ascot 2012 in the Diamond Jubilee Stakes.

Her fans got to say “farewell” at a retirement ceremony at Caulfield Park. Click on the link to see the video, also from Racing Victoria, if you can’t see it embedded below.

Did you notice her groom, referred to as “strapper,” Donna Fisher? I hope she gets to visit Nelly at the farm. Somehow, I imagine she will.

Check out the tribute video below to glimpse some of the excitement she generated both off and on the track, reminiscent of Zenyatta’s racing career:

If you can’t see the video tribute to Black Caviar by YouTube user CrossOnTheEdge, click on the link.

Will Black Caviar news continue as she starts her new life, as with Zenyatta? The Black Caviar website might have the answers.

Here’s a 2012 post on this blog introducing Black Caviar before her race at Royal Ascot. Don’t miss the rider-cam!




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