Moonwalking pony – sweeping the UK

If you can’t see the embedded video of the moon-walking pony ad, click here.

Some of you won’t be surprised to find out that I run a Twitter search stream on the term “walking horse.” A flurry of Tweets from Twitter users in Great Britain using that phrase led me to find the commercial you see above.

According to Business Insider, the moonwalking pony is the biggest viral video of the moment, as of this writing at 8:15 am EST on March 7, 2013.

I suspect it will go bigger once big media here in the states catch up. But we here at The Horsey Set Net found it first.

Curious? I keep adding to this post as new info comes in.

Three is a broadband internet provider in the UK.

The pony was trained to moonwalk, says this article from the London Daily Mirror. Socks also wore hair extensions in his Tina Turner-esque mane.

The Business Insider article talks about the hashtag, but doesn’t mention the The Pony Mixer.

You can spend many happy hours on The Pony Mixer site. Want to see Socks the pony dance Bollywood style? Hip-hop? Boyband? Punk and Rock? Just a warning: if you can lose hours watching funny cat videos, you’ll be doomed to a rush of endorphins, smiles and a yen for more, more, more of the dancing ponies. Yes, plural. I’m talking “production numbers.”

Over on YouTube already, you’ll find mashups made of the commercial. You can see the link to one in the window of the player toward the end. Another one marked “parody” can be said to have been ripped from the headlines and may upset some of our regular readers here. (Consider yourself warned – again.)

Stay tuned for more news as I find it.

And here it is!

From the My Shetland blog, meet Socks!


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