A reader review site for horse stories?

Equine trade shows often have equine bookseller booths. Photo by Rhonda Lane

Rhonda here: As of this writing, in May 2015, Ponydom seems to have turned out the lights and moved away. Here’s a little picture of it, as it was.

When you’re in the mood to read a horse story, how do you find a good one? Let alone  a story featuring your favorite breed or equestrian sport? Or is that too much to ask?

Not at the Ponydom website.

Ponydom is a website with reviews of horse books, especially novels. As with many other review sites, Ponydom readers contribute reviews, but with a definite horse-oriented angle. Reviews at Ponydom should tell you the following:

Features of Ponydom

Basic literary genre – mystery, young adult, romance, etc.

Which equestrian discipline does the book feature?

How much of the story is horse-related? Are horses just transportation? Or are they critical to the plot?

How accurate is the horse stuff?

Quirks of Ponydom

You can’t browse by breed.

You can search for an author’s name, but not a title. You can scan the alphabetical lists.

The disciplines category list isn’t inclusive nor particularly broad. That may reflect the books reported. Also, please keep in mind, as you browse Ponydom — or any other review site —  that reviews can be very subjective. A reviewer may even be subject to what I call Horseman’s Myopia.

Registration is free, but you do have to register.

If you don’t see your favorite horse book on Ponydom, you know what to do. 🙂 Log in and add it.

How do you find horse stories? Let us know by telling us in the Comments section below.





  • E. B. Davis
    September 11, 2012

    I stumbled onto one on Kindle. This book was compared to James Herriot’s series, “All Creatures Great and Small” so I assumed that it was a nonfiction book. I was dismayed at the end when I found out it was fiction, but then I realized that it had been a page turner so I forgave the author, not that she was responsible for the comparision, but they should not have made the comparison. The book: All God’s Creatures by Carolyn McSparren.

  • Rhonda Lane
    September 21, 2012

    Thanks for the suggestion, EB. Those similar titles can be tricky. I’m glad you enjoyed the read after all. And thank you for stopping by and saying “hello.”

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