Real Life “War Horse” – Korean War Hero Sgt. Reckless

If you can’t see the embedded video click on this link to see a video of a real “War Horse” Sgt. Reckless.

A dainty sorrel mare with a lyrical Korean name that translates as Flame-in-the-Morning became the heroic Sgt. Reckless of the U.S. Marine Corps in the Korean War.

She not only survived the war but showed bravery under fire and boosted morale within her company. (See the links below for more.) She eventually went to America where she received acclaim in LIFE magazine, bore three foals and was eventually buried at Camp Pendleton with full military honors.

Here in the 21st century, dear friends keep the flame alive with a website that’s the gateway to her fan club and Facebook page.

Fundraising has begun for the memorial (see the above website for more information). A script for a bio-pic about Reckless has already been written and is looking for backing.

Here at this link is a great story about Reckless. You’ll see how her story kind of parallels Joey’s of “War Horse,” except Flame in the Morning was sold out of love.  Like Joey, she found admirers and a new family, the Corps. Read what’s at her modern website and this archived article from the Marine Corps magazine, THE LEATHERNECK.

Because her story is a bit lost to time. She and her buddies deserve better.

Semper fi.

If you can’t see the above link to a San Diego TV station’s Veterans Day feature on Sgt. Reckless, click here.

A Veterans Day week “THANK YOU” to all our veterans

And a “thank you” to sources who passed on information to me about Sgt. Reckless: Christine of The Kids Barn and author R.C. Bonitz.


  • Katy Lee
    November 8, 2011

    I would love to see Reckless’ movie. Nice post and tribute, Rhonda. 🙂 I will be sure to like him on FB!

  • Rhonda Lane
    November 8, 2011

    Thanks, Katy. I just got word that a script has been written – and I updated the post with that info.

  • Susie Blackmon
    November 12, 2011

    I wonder if Reckless liked kim chee? 😉

    Interesting to read about not only War Horse and hopefully Reckless in the movies, but also the renewed interest in Westerns. Finding the next John Wayne, however, could be a daunting task considering Clint might be a bit too ‘rugged’ for the part.

    It’s people like you who help get the word out who give the scripts legs and funding.

  • Rhonda Lane
    November 14, 2011

    The Marines said that Reckless would eat anything, even poker chips, if you didn’t stow them away. So kim chee isn’t out of the realm of possibility, I suppose.

    I’m always amazed by and grateful for the people who know about and show up at this blog. So word goes along down the chain. Here’s hoping … . 🙂

  • dave zacharias
    December 15, 2011

    Does anybody out there remember the name of the movie that was made by Hollywood in the early 50’s about the life of Reckless? I remember seeing it when I was in my 20’s. It had an eciting ending where the horse swam about 100yds out to sea to leave with the troops heading home on a transport ship.

    • Rhonda Lane
      December 15, 2011

      Woo, Dave, some long-dormant brain cells are now sparking. Makes sense there’d have been a movie back in the day. Thanks for mentioning it. This is gonna take some digging … . 🙂

  • robin hutton
    December 18, 2011

    Wow Dave – if there was a movie i have not been able to find it. But Rhonda let me know if you find anything! lol There’s nothing in any copyright search that has Reckless in a movie. But man i would love to see it if there was one!

    • Rhonda Lane
      December 18, 2011

      I couldn’t find it, either, Robin. Maybe it was inspired by Reckless? Dave – Do you remember any of the names of the humans who starred in the movie? We could maybe find it that way, through the IMDB (Internet Movie DataBase).

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