Undercover Boss – Churchill Downs edition

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Video promo for CBS “Undercover Boss” – Churchill Downs COO

Other tracks may be hosting Kentucky Derby prep races. On this coming Sunday night, the CBS show “Undercover Boss” will take us to Churchill Downs for a look behind the scenes. Or under the spires.

The premise of the show is that big bosses come down from the corporate suites to work in the trenches to see what it’s like to be a lower tier employee.

Last week’s episode had the president of White Castle working in one of the restaurants and doing his best Lucy-in-the-chocolate-factory routine in a White Castle frozen foods processing plant.

Video of Lucy and Ethel trying out blue collar life

You can watch previous episodes of the show on the CBS website.

Now, you should also know – I find videos from the CBS website slow to load. I know that some of you have slower computers/connections than others. Mine usually does okay with longer vids, so that’s why I thought I should mention this.

To get the preview you see at the top of this post, I had to go to CBS’s channel on YouTube. I’m not sure what the technical issue is, but just giving you a heads-up so you won’t be surprised.

So, to be safe, I suggest you set your timers of your DVR or VHS machines to record off air.  Or simply watch the episode as it airs.

“Undercover Boss” airs on your local CBS affiliate at 9 pm EDT on Sunday. Check your local listings, though. Scheduling surprises can happen.

The short promo for the episode

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