Catching up with The Kids Barn

Nigel and rider get last-minute touch-ups before their next class/Photo by Rhonda Lane

Some of you know that I like to spend a big chunk of Wednesday afternoons hanging out at The Kids Barn.

Although, apparently, not so much lately, as other responsibilities have gotten in the way. Plus, the program shifts a bit during winter because The Kids Barn doesn’t have an indoor arena on the premises.

Yet, young riders were still getting lessons up through Dec. 12 this year. And those of you with horses know that Things To Do don’t stop just because the ground froze. 😉

But I did manage to make it to a November schooling show on one of those still-warm autumn days. And our two riders showed their ponies well.

Taglong waits for his next class/Photo by Rhonda Lane

In case you don’t know, The Kids Barn is a children’s beginner rider barn in Southington, CT. TKB teaches riding to children from about 3 to 12.

Not many lesson barns specialize in teaching child beginners – especially pre-school children – but this one does. Christine and Elaine start them out with leadline lessons, where they get comfortable up there so high on that pony’s back and then go from there.

Sometimes, though, right before that first leadline lesson starts, that saddle looks awfully high up there, even on the smaller ponies. So, children get to take it slow and have fun with a pony before climbing aboard.

The Kids Barn also offer summer riding camp (like day camp, only pony-centric) and pony parties, which can be held there or at home.  TKB even has a lending library of children’s horse books, both fiction and non-fiction. (Note to self: Now that I’ve reviewed QUINCY THE HORSE here, I need to get my signed copy to The Kids Barn.)

And some students compete in nearby horse shows, like this schooling show at the nearby Hayes Equestrian Center.

Nigel (right) and Tag (left) preferred walking while waiting to standing still while waiting/Photo by Rhonda Lane

If the following video doesn’t show up in your feed, please use the link below it to go directly to the YouTube page:

Video of The Kids Barn at the Hayes Equestrian November schooling show

The video includes footage shot in two classes.

Instructor Christine congratulates her students after they rode well/Photo by Rhonda Lane

In case you didn’t know, TheKids Barn has a YouTube channel with, currently, video from spring riding lessons as well as from this fall show.

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BTW, from all of us at The Horsey Set Net – which pretty much means me 😉 – have and continue to have a Wonderful Holiday Season and a joyful entry into 2010.

  • Nan
    December 23, 2009

    Always glad to see another kids’ horse site. Some of your readers might be interested in a new book out, Stormy Hill by Nancy Clarke. It can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Borders.

    • rhond7
      December 23, 2009

      Thanks for stopping by, Nan. Both chronological kids and kids-at-heart have a great time here. Do stop by again. 🙂 And good luck with Stormy Hill.

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