“Champagne Wishes” Horse Trips: Dubai

© Majedali | Dreamstime.com

© Majedali | Dreamstime.com

Post updated in 2011.

Remember the old “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” TV show?

And its tagline of “champagne wishes and caviar dreams?”

That was all so ’80s.

Still, we all have “somedays” that fuel our dreams. Like once-in-a-lifetime trips.

This is the first in a series of “champagne wishes” horse trips.

Since the Dubai World Cup is just around the corner, as of this writing,  let’s take a virtual trip to Dubai.

First, let’s pick our dream accommodations.

The Al Maha Resort

What excites me the most about the Al Maha Resort is that it’s so different.  There’s no golf and no tennis. Those amenities are wasted on me anyway.

I’ve taken both golf and tennis lessons and missed the thrill each time. If I’m going to be terrible at some expensive pursuit, I’d rather it be something that I can enjoy while I’m embarrassing myself.

The Al Maha offers more traditional desert pursuits, which makes it very “green,” when you think about it. No desert land was transformed into lush golf courses.

I like the idea of trying falconry, archery, camel rides — and, most important to us at The Horsey Set Net — horseback riding in the desert.

The one traditional resort activity with which I have no argument is the spa. Guests probably need it after the archery and the riding. I know I would.

So — hello, resort planners in the American southwest? There’s an idea for something a little different. Plus, there would be no expensive watering system for the greens.

The Dubai World Cup

What is currently the world’s richest horse race with $10 million in purses runs the last Saturday in March.

But, for me, the Dubai World Cup is not about the money. This race has the potential to attract the best runners in the world. Which is probably because of the money.

Again, the 2009 Dubai World Cup races run Saturday, March 28. The races run at night in Dubai, which means morning on the east coast of the US, about 9:30 am EDT. The World Cup goes off about 1:45 pm EDT.

Because I’d hate to miss out on riding in the desert. Or watching the falcons fly.

Have you been to Dubai? What did you like best there? And/or who’s your pick for taking home that ginormous purse in the World Cup?


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