Rhonda Lane on March 24th, 2015

Yep, our Four In Hand driver Jennifer would fit in well at the Dubai World Cup. YouTube video by Meydan Racecourse Fan Channel.

Author and marketer Jennifer Fusco has returned to drive our Four In Hand. Hard to believe it’s been three years since her first stint as driver.

Jennifer FuscoSince then, her self-published marketing-for-authors guides did so well they were re-vamped, expanded, and published by Belle Bridge Books. Her contemporary romance FIGHTING FOR IT, set in the world of boxing, is slated for a September 2015 release by Penguin. Her company Market or Die Author Services (MODAS) is doing gangbusters for various romance authors.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s let Jennifer take the reins. But, first, she wants to revisit a couple of questions:

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Rhonda Lane on March 17th, 2015
Still photo from "The Transporter" TV Series "Sixteen Hands"

A still from”The Transporter” TV series episode “Sixteen Hands”

Author, equestrian, and long-time Horsey Set reader K.B. Inglee and I will be talking about a horse-related episode of the TV series “The Transporter.”

The show is about high-end, specialty courier Frank Martin who has Special Forces skills and a crack support team. In the eleventh episode of the second season, they take on a job transporting a Triple Crown contender, except as what often happens in the fast-paced world of TV production, the horse details in the story got tangled up in the reins.

Still, I give the production team some credit. Horse farms in each region I’ve visited often have a particular look, and the farm in the episode looks like a real Bluegrass thoroughbred farm – green rolling hills, black plank fences, and barns with cupolas. Actor Linda Thorson plays a credible flinty Kentucky landed gentry lady. There’s some rudimentary knowledge of Triple Crown history. Plus, there’s a wicked cool parkour chase in a stable. But some of the other details? Well, stay tuned.

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Rhonda Lane on March 12th, 2015
Horse watches over eight-foot sub sandwich at picnic

“More pasta salad, please,” from the window behind Abigail’s mom Jean.

A little taste of summer

I was over-the-moon delighted to be invited to a picnic last summer at Abigail Adsit Racing Stable in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Well, now you can come along, too. You can see it’s a gorgeous summer day. The racetrack is dark, meaning there’s no racing, so folks are about as free as they get during the race meet when horses still need tending.

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Rhonda Lane on March 4th, 2015

If Brad Pitt had been a horse, he would’ve been Creator.

Creator 2006

Not one of his best photos, but I’m at liberty to say that. At the rainy 2006 Old Friends Homecoming, Creator waits for the volunteer leading the tour to dish out a carrot.  Yes, photo by Rhonda Lane

When I met Creator at an early version of the Kentucky Old Friends Farm nearly ten years ago, he cut a dashing figure. A caramel apple chestnut with a teardrop of a star nearly obscured by a lush forelock. He pranced. He tossed his head.

Catnip to horse crazy girls.

At a farm where feeding carrots to former champions is the big tourist draw, Creator was hands-off, yet irresistible, a quintessential “bad boy.”

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Rhonda Lane on February 20th, 2015
GIVING CHASE with author Hannah Hooton

Author Hannah Hooton poses with her novel GIVING CHASE.

Meet Four In Hand “driver” Hannah Hooton, a multiple award-winning author and screenwriter based in UK.

Back in the day, Hannah traveled around Australia, roaming from one racing stable to another as a strapper, taking care of racehorses like what we Americans call a groom.

Afterward, her spirit of adventure and, in her words, “the exuberant imagination of a girl with an empty purse and a passion for a very expensive sport,” eventually became her debut contemporary romance. At Long Odds.

Making the Running cover

Hannah’s latest in her Aspen Valley series, set in National Hunt Racing

That thirst for adventure prompted her to explore indie publishing, which resulted in the Amazon bestselling Aspen Valley contemporary romance series, featuring a National Hunt racing yard in rural England. As of this writing, her fourth book in the series titled Making the Running just released.

Hannah says, the books may be read and enjoyed as stand-alones. We also want to mention these novels are written for an adult audience in the equestrian romance genre.

Author Hannah Hooton on the job as a strapper in Australian racing

Author Hannah Hooton leading Simply Red back in the day when she was a strapper in Australia. Photo courtesy of Hannah Hooton

Without further ado, let’s pass the reins to Hannah, our Four In Hand driver:

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