Rhonda Lane on March 4th, 2015

If Brad Pitt had been a horse, he would’ve been Creator.

Creator 2006

Not one of his best photos, but I’m at liberty to say that. At the rainy 2006 Old Friends Homecoming, Creator waits for the volunteer leading the tour to dish out a carrot.  Yes, photo by Rhonda Lane

When I met Creator at an early version of the Kentucky Old Friends Farm nearly ten years ago, he cut a dashing figure. A caramel apple chestnut with a teardrop of a star nearly obscured by a lush forelock. He pranced. He tossed his head.

Catnip to horse crazy girls.

At a farm where feeding carrots to former champions is the big tourist draw, Creator was hands-off, yet irresistible, a quintessential “bad boy.”

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Rhonda Lane on February 20th, 2015
GIVING CHASE with author Hannah Hooton

Author Hannah Hooton poses with her novel GIVING CHASE.

Meet Four In Hand “driver” Hannah Hooton, a multiple award-winning author and screenwriter based in UK.

Back in the day, Hannah traveled around Australia, roaming from one racing stable to another as a strapper, taking care of racehorses like what we Americans call a groom.

Afterward, her spirit of adventure and, in her words, “the exuberant imagination of a girl with an empty purse and a passion for a very expensive sport,” eventually became her debut contemporary romance. At Long Odds.

Making the Running cover

Hannah’s latest in her Aspen Valley series, set in National Hunt Racing

That thirst for adventure prompted her to explore indie publishing, which resulted in the Amazon bestselling Aspen Valley contemporary romance series, featuring a National Hunt racing yard in rural England. As of this writing, her fourth book in the series titled Making the Running just released.

Hannah says, the books may be read and enjoyed as stand-alones. We also want to mention these novels are written for an adult audience in the equestrian romance genre.

Author Hannah Hooton on the job as a strapper in Australian racing

Author Hannah Hooton leading Simply Red back in the day when she was a strapper in Australia. Photo courtesy of Hannah Hooton

Without further ado, let’s pass the reins to Hannah, our Four In Hand driver:

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Rhonda Lane on February 13th, 2015

Running on insufficient caffeine, too little to help my sleepy brain simply read a chart that computes with the International Date Line, so please bear with me. :)

There’ll be a live stream of show jumping from the Tamworth Peel River Produce Indoor Show Jumping Championships from New South Wales in Australia, courtesy of iEquine.

Here’s the link to the live stream which should start on the east coast of the US today, Friday 13, 2015, about 4 pm EST.

The east coast of the US is about eight hours (gosh, I hope that’s correct) ahead of Australia, so it just turned Friday there as I write this at 8 am EST. That said, if the action begins at 8 am there, it’ll be 4 pm here on the east coast of the US.

Here’s a class sheet. The event lasts through the weekend. Enjoy!

Off to get more caffeine …


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Rhonda Lane on February 12th, 2015

Heads up, y’all. Video of the action at The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show streams live, courtesy of iEquine, on Feb. 12 – 22. Here’s the link.

Hours are a little “friendlier” for those of us in the western hemisphere. The action starts around lunch time here on the east coast of the US and goes into the evening.

Here’s a class sheet.


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Rhonda Lane on February 11th, 2015

When I first began this blog in 2008, we didn’t have as many options for watching televised equestrian events, even racing. We had regular TV, cable TV, or satellite TV, which was like having all the cable channels so you could watch what you wanted off the satellite.

Seems like they’re everywhere!

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